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Some Redirection by StillRaging
Some Redirection
A looooonnnnnggggggg time ago, when SWS first started, it was primarily a western stable. The horses were mostly stock horses, Quarter Horses, and Mustangs. Any non-western sport wasn't a consideration. This is because Rowan, the stable's owner, grew up competing in Western events with the horses that her parents' raised at their own stables in the states. After moving to Scotland, however, Rowan discovered the Obertaurer and fell in love. Now, the Obertaurer breed is the main breed that Sycamore Wind Stables specializes in.

This is just a little doodle I did of Rowan and Bamf to illustrate a conversation that Rowan was having with her father. This is sort of the moment that she officially declares that SWS is focused on Obertaurers as their main breed. Her parents still firmly believe that she should continue to focus on stock horses and western events.


Bamf let out a happy nicker when he saw Rowan coming down the stable hallway. As far as he was concerned, she was his person. He knew that she had many other horses to work with, but she was the only people that he cared to work with. He tried not to get too excited, even as she got closer to his stall. There was no need to get riled up if she was here for someone else.

Still, he wasn’t about to be stand offish. Eagerly, he stretched his head out over the stall door. His efforts were rewarded when Rowan stopped and stroked his nose. Nickering in pleasure, Bamf nuzzled her pockets, searching for treats. He was so engrossed in his quest, he didn’t notice that she had picked up his halter until she was slipping it onto his face and clipping a lead rope onto it.

Yay! They were going outside! Bamf did a little jig in place, nearly stepping on Rowan’s toes. Whoops. Bobbing his head in excitement, he quickly resolved to try and be a good boy.

“All right, baby, want to work on our jumping today?” Rowan asked, stroking his mane as they walked.

The mane stroking felt good, and Bamf was a little put out when she stopped. Instead, she pulled a small black rectangle out of her pocket. It was making noises and bright lights. A little startled, he snorted and sidled away until Rowan gently soothed him and held the rectangle up to her ear.

“Hey Dad, how have you been?”

The voice in the rectangle was muffled, but Bamf could still make out the words.

“Hello, sweetheart. Your mother and I are fine- what’s going on with you?”

“Oh, nothing new. Could I actually call you back? I was about to train one of my young guys and he’s not so good at waiting.”

“Ah, needs some work on patience, I see. A good cow horse knows to wait until his rider is ready to move, you know.”

“He’s not exactly a cow horse, Dad.”

A long pause followed that statement.

“It’s not another one of those Ober things, is it?”

“He’s not an it, Dad. His name is Bamf, and yes, he’s an Obertaurer.”

“Bamf? That’s no name for a horse.”

“Well, his sire is called Badass, so….”

“What happened to working with respectable horses?”

“Obertaurers are respectable, Dad. They competed in the Olympics, in case you didn’t notice.”

“Hmmph. I noticed that they don’t run barrels, or have any cow sense.”

“Just because they aren’t Quarter Horses-“

“They’re fine for a hobby, but if you’re really going to make that stable into something, you need to get serious.”

Rowan let out a long sigh, and Bamf nuzzled her shoulder, trying to fix whatever had his person upset.

“Well, Dad, I am serious. In fact, I am very serious. I seriously need to go and train my horse. I love you, and I need to go.”

“Don’t get mad, Rowan, I just don’t want you to give up on your goals.”

“I haven’t given up on them. They’ve just been…. Redirected.”

“I just hope you know what you’re doing.”

“I do, trust me. I love you guys.”

“Love you too, Ro.”

Finally, Rowan put the black rectangle back in her pocket. Now maybe he could have his person all to himself. Happily, he walked beside her as they walked down the hallway. The other horses watched curiously, and he carried his head even higher. He was the one out of his stall with Rowan, and not them. Looking over her shoulder, she noticed his proud stance and smiled.

“That’s right, buddy. It’s all about you.”


Horse: SWS Bamf SWS Bamf

I just wanted to give everyone a quick reminder to cut down on any feelings of anger, frustration, or confusion I may unwittingly  cause.

My Nordanners are being kept at RoseWindStables I share this account with RoseThornStables

Basically, the horse's are still in my posession. So please do not worry. I did not sell/give away/abandon a foal you let me breed or sold to me. It's still me, just a different account.

I think most of you guys saw my first journal, but I live in fear of upsetting anyone, so here's another. Most of my Nordanners have been moved already, but I hope to move the rest soon.
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Full Body With Background and story: I've Got A Dream by StillRaging +4

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I've Got A Dream by StillRaging
I've Got A Dream
This is my first ever drawing of Calyx's storyline :D His adult ref is up, but this is a little story about him as a foal, with his mother Sybil.

Calyx inherited the power of partial invisibility from his father. However, when he was younger, he was horrible at using it. As a foal, his legs would often vanish out of nowhere. Though his legs were still there, he could never wrap his mind around walking with limbs that appeared not to exist. He would usually wind up freaking himself out and falling over.

Anyway, here is the accompanying story. I used his mother's viewpoint quite a bit. Sybil belongs to camiif3tt

The autumn sun felt good on Sybil’s golden coat, even if the breeze did keep blowing her long mane into her face. Even if the long strands could be cumbersome, she would never allow them to be cut. It was her birthright as a Cavitto to wear her mane and tail in this long, luxurious manner.

The grass was no longer the brilliant green of summer. It had faded into a more muted, olive green with the arrival of the new season. Though the leaves had changed to show brilliant golds, oranges, and reds among their green leaves, the sky seemed to have no intention of acknowledging a change of season. The brilliant blue sky was bright and completely free of clouds.

Now if the wind would just stop blowing. Sybl’s ears flattened against her skull in irritation. She hated breezes like this. Pretty soon, the chill in the air would be too much to tolerate. As it was, she was only out today for one reason.

“Are we almost there, Mama?”

Glancing down, she smiled at the golden foal beside her. She may not enjoy being out of doors much, but her young son Calyx seemed to thrive being outside. It was because of him that she conceded to spending more time outside of her stall.

“We’re close, sweetheart. Just a little further.”

Calyx’s latest fascination was the small pond located out in a large pasture. The colt loved to splash in the shallow water near the shore and chase the fish. The highlight of his week had been day before yesterday, when he had discovered a turtle. Sybil had not been so amused when it turned out to be a snapping turtle that had a particular fascination with her long tail.

The pair of them continued walking. The pond was just in sight when Sybil realized that Calyx was no longer at her side. Turning, she spotted him quickly, standing a few yards behind her.

“It happened again, Mama.”

Sybil sighed, trying to hide the pity and sadness in her eyes. From the spot just above his knees down, Calyx’s legs were invisible. The foal appeared to be hovering in the air. His purple eyes were huge and round as he stared at his mother, hoping for help. Though he was no longer sent into a blind panic whenever his legs vanished, it was still a frustrating situation for a young foal.

“Try to walk this time, Calyx. They’re still there, you just can’t see them.”

Glancing down, Calyx set his jaw with a sort of worried determination. Sybil could tell he was concentrating on moving his invisible legs. She tried not to hold her breath as she watched her son inch forward slowly. After two wobbly steps, he glanced up at her. That was his mistake. With a grunt, he collapsed in a heap.

At least the crash had the added benefit of shocking his legs into reappearance. After he untangled his long foal limbs, Calyx lurched to his feet and cantered the last few yards to the pond.

“I hate my power- why can’t I control it, like you can with yours?”

Sybil smiled softly. She often entertained her foal by creating tiny storms for him. Calyx found the sound of rain and thunder soothing, and the lightning made for entertaining light shows.


“I’ve just had more practice, darling. You’ll get the hang of it.”

Truthfully, Sybil wished that Calyx’s father could have stayed with them, to give their son some training. Partial Invisibility was a rare ability, and she was not sure how to begin teaching Calyx to use it. She kept hoping that better control might come with age.

Calyx stood in ankle deep water, staring at the little fish darting around his hooves.

“Why… why can’t I just have a new power?”

Sybil started to sigh sadly, but then realized she could give her son some hope.

“You can. You know that the Gods have promised to return us home if we earn their favor again, yes?” Calyx nodded, and she continued. “Well, they have also promised us smaller rewards along the way. If you are good, noble, brave, and always try your hardest, you can earn these rewards. When you do, the Gods will grant you a new power- one that you can choose yourself.”

At her words, Calyx lit up like a torch. Nothing like the subdued foal of moments before, her son was suddenly sparking with excitement.

“A new power?! And I can pick?! I want lightning! Or maybe fire? I could make storms like you, Mama!”

Sybil smiled at her son, relieved to see his spirits so renewed. He would probably grow to embrace his power over time, but it was good for foals to have something to motivate them as they grew into adulthood.

“Whatever you choose, I’m sure it will be wonderful.”

Calyx (c) StillRaging
Sybil (c) camiif3tt



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United States
Sycamore Wind Stables Support Stamp by RoseThornStables

The Badger-Faced Twins by RoseThornStables

I just wanted to give everyone a quick reminder to cut down on any feelings of anger, frustration, or confusion I may unwittingly  cause.

My Nordanners are being kept at RoseWindStables I share this account with RoseThornStables

Basically, the horse's are still in my posession. So please do not worry. I did not sell/give away/abandon a foal you let me breed or sold to me. It's still me, just a different account.

I think most of you guys saw my first journal, but I live in fear of upsetting anyone, so here's another. Most of my Nordanners have been moved already, but I hope to move the rest soon.

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